Kodak introduces new film! Not a joke

Kodak_6031330_35mm_Ektar_100_Color_585497_cropAt the Photo Marketing Meeting in Las Vegas this year, Kodak introduced a new film. No, that is not a typo. They really did. I’m not joking. In case you don’t believe me the data sheet for Professional Ektar 100 film is available on their web site.

Interestingly, Fuji had no competing product announcement.

Apparently, Kodak will continue to produce photographic film as long as there is a demand for movie film because the same equipment is used to produce both products. How long processing will remain available for traditional photographic films is another question.

I don’t mean to criticize this new film. It may be a fine product. I just don’t use film any more. Has anybody actually tried it?


About Mark Mizen

I have over twenty years professional experience in all aspects of photography and digital imaging. I am Chair of the ISO WG5 TG2 committee responsible for physical properties and durability of imaging material and am currently with HID Global working on systems for security printing for IDs, licenses, and credit cards. Previously, I was Director of Digital Development at Creative Memories from 2009 to 2012 and was responsible for the Creative Memories digital products and services. I also established and directed the Creative Memories Technology Center, which evaluated new products prior to product introduction, assisted with production difficulties, and provided technical information to support product sales.
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4 Responses to Kodak introduces new film! Not a joke

  1. Keith House says:

    There is actually a renewed interest in film. Some photographers are becoming dissatisfied with digital reproduction of flesh tones and landscapes. Your illustration is of a 35mm film box ….. likely most of the users of this new emulsion will use it in medium format or larger. Digital sensors of “typical user” quality still don’t measure up to the reproduction characteristics of high quality film. The used values of quality film cameras have increased markedly in the last 2 or 3 years. There is also a segment of the population who have never shot film and are very curious about it’s use and look. I still use film for some things…..I use digital for portraits and location shoots…I use film for artistic purposes. I feel there is room for both……

  2. Mark Mizen says:

    The real answer to the long-term survival of film will come down to whether there is a critical mass to justify manufacturing and processing of color photographic film. I believe black and white film will continue indefinitely because it is significantly easier to manufacture and process, but I am less certain about color film.

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  4. Anthony says:

    Ektar film is not new… I used to use it in the early-mid 1990s and I loved it. It has such beautiful reds and greens.

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